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Chris Warber, AAMS® CWS®

Chris Warber, AAMS®


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I was born and raised in Green Bay, WI although I spent a few years of my adulthood in Orlando, FL and Milwaukee, WI. My mother and step-father worked nights and swing shift so I spent the majority of my childhood living with my grandparents. My grandfather was a retired Major in the Army and ran a couple of taverns in Green Bay after his military career. He taught me to take pride in my possessions and actions. Today that pride shines through with our commitment to our clients. I have three great children, Bailee (20), Sayge (15), and Leland (7).

My number one job is to help clients pursue their goals. I believe that time spent preparing is better than time spent repairing! Also, somethings can't be repaired. I take an objective unbiased approach, tailoring each plan to enhance, preserve, and ultimately transfer family wealth.